2022 Oberammergau Collection


Since 1634, the most famous Passion Play in the world has taken place in Oberammergau. The tradition, maintained and experienced almost without interruption for over 380 years, of putting on the play about the suffering, OBERAMMERGAU PLAYHISTORY

death and resurrection of Christ every ten years, will be continued for the 42nd time in 2022. It is regarded as the most important Passion Play in the world. The village at the edge of the Bavarian Alps expects approximately 500,000 visitors for the passion play, over half of which will be international guests. A special law is in effect to ensure that all actors of the world’s largest amateur dramatic performance come from the village. All participants, from actors playing the big speaking parts such as Jesus, Mary or Judas, throughmembers of the choir, orchestramembers, firemen and ushers, must have been born in Oberammergau or lived there for at least 20 years. Over 2,000 Oberammergau villagers will participate in the 2022 Passion Play.

DAY 12 – BUDAPEST – DISEMBARKATION After disembarking the ship guests participating in the post-cruise extension will visit Puszta, the vast flat Great Hungarian Plain which stretches across to the East. Here, you can find Hungarian cowboys still wearing traditional dress and practicing the skills of their Magyar ancestors. You will tour a genuine Hungarian Czarda (farm) run by the carriage drive world-champion brothers, Lazar. Following the tour, you will witness a unique, unforgettable performance of Hungarian horsemanship, a tradition that goes back to the hordes of the Magyar tribes conquering Hungary in the 9th century. Be amazed by the nomad-cavalry fight show, the archery on horse, four-in- hand driving, the virtuosities of herdsmen and many other wonderful riding performances. Experience warm hospitality and enjoy a traditional lunch served with Goulash, and afterwards you will be transferred to your hotel in Budapest for dinner and overnight. DAY 13 – ESZTERGOM, VISEGRAD & SZENTENDRE Visit Esztergom, which is the centre of the Roman Catholic Church and archbishopric seat of Hungary. More than 1000 years ago the first king of Hungary (St. Stephen) was born and crowned here later on. Wonder at the largest and most beautiful basilica of Hungary that was built in the middle of the 19th century. The Esztergom Cathedral is considered to be one of the great churches in the world. Travel to Visegrád, the magical fortress on the top of the hill, which was built in the 13th century and has the best panoramic point of the magical Danube bend. You will explore the fortress and visit the historical and wax works exhibitions. Enjoy a 3-course lunch in a Renaissance Restaurant. The foods, cooked on the basis of medieval recipes, are served by waiters in costumes, and the feast is accompanied with period lute music. Your last stop is Szentendre (St. Andrew), the artist village, named after its medieval patron saint. It is a typical Mediterranean village, situated on the slope of a hill, its small and narrow streets running down to the river Danube. Enjoy time to wander the small shops, artists, cafés, restaurants and pubs, before returning to your hotel in Budapest. Dinner is on your own this evening. BUDAPEST 3 Days • Starting at $898* POST-TOUR

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DAY 14 – DEPART BUDAPEST Bid farewell to Budapest and prepare for your homeward flight.

Guests taking an extensionmay be on a different flight than their group and/or traveling companion. *All prices reflect a 4%cash discount.

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